Somehow we’re almost half way through the year already and while 2017 has seen a lot of hostility the world over, at least it’s given us some good music as well. Here’s another collection of songs to check out. Enjoy!


1) Eidola – ‘Tetelestai’

Eidola’s ability to write such frantic, yet accessible tracks that sit coherently against progressive, building compositions, underlines their prowess as songwriters. This record puts Eidola among the very best in the genre and should cement them a new reputation as the top of the class among the Blue Swan Records family. [More at: Album Review

2) Donnie Willow – Toys

Massive riffs, interesting time signatures, anthemic choruses: the band’s previous record contained it all and the band have not only brought all of these elements back to the table, they’ve turned up the intensity as well. [More at: Featured Band, Album Review]

3) Chon – ‘Sleepy Tea’

Chon intrigue me but they’ve not managed to produce a record that fully grabs me yet. They’ve been more of a band to appreciate live than on record so far, but this track makes me excited for the upcoming album ‘Homey’, out on June 16th.  [More at: Guitar Cover]

4) Grumble Bee – ‘Bravest Soul’

Well he’s done it again. Grumble Bee is no stranger to these playlists, simply because each song he puts out never fails to deliver. ‘Bravest Soul’ is another anthem of a tune complete with another brilliantly animated video thanks to the excellent John Howe. [More at: Featured Band, Gig Review, Album Review]

5) The Gospel Youth – ‘Moods Like English Weather’

I picked these guys out at the start of the year as ones to watch and this track should offer some insight into why. I consider them a more emotionally charged Deaf Havana and I can’t wait to hear the debut album on July 14th. [More at: Ones to Watch in 2017]

6) Too Close to Touch – ‘Miss Your Face’

Sometimes it’s nice to hear a straight-forward, fist-in-the-air singalong of a tune and that’s what you’ve got here. This band seem to have missed my radar when the album came out in mid-May so I need to check out the rest of what they’ve got to offer.

7) Carys Selvey – ‘Shallow’

The next five tracks in this month’s playlist are inspired by my adventures at The Great Escape. I love this festival for its diversity and the way it forces me to take time out from my usual sphere of music and enjoy other genres. When pop music is done this well it’s an absolute joy and Carys was fantastic live as well. [More at: The Great Escape Review]

8) Dean Lewis – ‘Waves’

Australian songwriter Dean Lewis was the first act I saw at this year’s festival and he kicked it off in style. He has a fantastic voice and his songs aren’t too shabby either. I bought his EP straight after the performance and it’s a cracker. [More at: The Great Escape Review]

9) Gabrielle Aplin – ‘Miss You’

Another great pop song with a strong chorus and infectious rhythm. [More at: The Great Escape Review]

10) Dagny – ‘Wearing Nothing’

One of the stars of the whole festival, Dagny was superb at The Great Escape. I didn’t think it was possible to be awed by a pop group, but Dagny and her backing band completely proved me wrong. ‘Wearing Nothing’ is a brand new single and another fine addition to her growing catalogue of brilliant songs. [More at: The Great Escape Review]

11) Gallops – ‘Pale Force’ 

Gallops are one of the few bands that crossed over from my usual listening habits to the festival line-up. I missed them at StrangeForms Festival in April, but I’m glad I didn’t miss them a second time as they’re simply stunning to behold. [More at: The Great Escape Review]