A Lot Like Birds released one of my favourite albums of all time with ‘No Place’, so it was always going to be a tall order to top it. Doing so without Kurt Travis involved and changing the style of the band? An even bigger ask. The trick with this album is to leave your preconceptions behind and just listen to it; forgot who the band is and just throw yourself in. Because if you do, there’s a lot to enjoy and admire.

Check out my full review at Punktastic and enjoy my favourite track from the album below. You can see where I’ve ranked this in my 2017 Album Leaderboard right here.

From the review: Once we hear something we love, it’s natural to demand more of it, but to replicate such emotionally charged music, the musicians themselves need to be able to draw from the same inspiration. Since the release of ‘No Place’ chief songwriter Michael Franzino began indulging his melodic side with solo side-project Alone, and vocalist Cory Lockwood suffered the loss of his mother: two milestones events that changed the mindset of A Lot Like Birds and, inevitably, the band’s direction.