Here’s a list of my favourite tracks in April, hope you find something you enjoy. If you missed March’s playlist, you can catch up on that here.


1. Loathe – ‘East of Eden’

It’s rare that a band comes along that truly excites me, but Loathe have done just that with their debut full-length ‘The Cold Sun’. There’s a post-hardcore band at the core of what they do but it’s supplemented with elements of tech-metal which makes the whole thing ludicrously heavy, technically sublime and most of all: exciting. [More at: Featured Band, Album Review]

2. Tidelines – ‘Shelter’

If you’re into energy of early Saosin and the melodic tendencies of Circa Survive, Secret & Whisper or This Armistice, then you’ll find plenty to admire in Tidelines. ‘Shelter’ is taken from the band’s debut self-titled album, due for release on April 28th and is full of warm, sumptuous layers of vocals and ambient guitars. [More at: Featured Band, Album Review]

3. September Stories – ‘Home’

Mixing together the ambient tones of melodic hardcore with spoken-word has served Being as an Ocean well in the past and adding more of a full-band feel to the latest Hotel Books album seemed to bring it alive more so than on previous records. September Stories continue this trend, resting somewhere in between the two, to show a massive amount of potential with ‘Home’. [More at: Featured Band]

4. Alazka – ‘Empty Throne’

Formerly known as Burning Down Alaska, ‘Empty Throne’ picks up where the band left off, Auale’s vocals giving a striking edge to a driving, heartfelt piece of melodic-hardcore. Tobias Rische’s screamed vocals do a fine job of grounding the track in its core genre, supplying the aggression that fits so well with the ambient guitars and offsets the melody of Auale’s voice. [More at: Featured Band]

5. Moddi – ‘Army Dreamers’

Moddi made my Best of January ’17 list and he’s back with another fantastic slice of Norwegian folk. A hauntingly beautiful voice and an important message to share: Moddi has it all.

6. A Lot Like Birds – ‘Trace the Lines’

This is another new single from the upcoming DIVISI – the first album since the band’s split with Kurt Travis. ‘Trace the Lines’ is a gorgeous song that’s filled with the kind of emotional delivery the band perfected on their previous record. This gives me a lot of hope for the new record. [More at: Featured BandGuitar Cover]

7. Eidola – ‘Amplissimus Machina’

Eidola’s ‘Degeneraterra’ was a phenomenal record and I’ve been waiting impatiently for another record from these guys. ‘Amplissimus Machina’ is packed full of the technical musicianship and masterful melodies that made me fall in love with them originally, so this is another upcoming record I’m extremely excited about.

8. Thalos – ‘Berlin’

There have already been some superb post-rock albums released in 20217 and Thalos can join that list. ‘Berlin’ is a beautiful piece that swells and grows as it progresses, taking you on a wonderful journey.

9. ’68 – ‘This Life Is Old, New, Borrowed and Blue’

’68 are one of the most incredible live spectacles you can hope for and they aren’t half bad on record either. This track is off their upcoming second album and it’s every bit as frantic as their on-stage antics.

10. Eternity Forever – ‘Movies’

What do you get when mix together a member of Strawberry Girls, former members of Dance Gavin Dance and Chon, math rock and R&B? If you had ‘unforgettable genius’ written down, then you get a point. This is one of the most exciting EPs I’ve heard for a long time, the only negative thing being it’s only four tracks long. And that simply won’t do. [More at: Album ReviewFeatured Band, Guitar Cover, Guitar Tutorial]

11. Donnie Willow – ‘Blessed Company’

Donnie Willow’s superb EP ‘Inhale, Exhale’ took second spot in my 2016 EP Leaderboard thanks to its intelligently crafted carnage. New track ‘Blessed Company’ shows that the band have no intention of chilling out, offering up a blistering single that’s just as intense as anything they’ve done previously. The new EP is out on June 9th and this has got me very excited indeed. [More at: Album Review, Featured Band]