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Playlist: March 2017

Three months down this year already – where has the time gone? The weeks have been flying by and so have the new songs, so in case you’ve missed any, here’s my playlist for March. If you missed February’s playlist, you can catch up on that here.



1. Eternity Forever – ‘Letting Go’

With the help of the ex Chon bassist and the drummer from Strawberry Girls, Kurt Travis’ voice is back to delight us, this time in a luscious falsetto that’s worlds apart from his work in his previous post hardcore bands. This combination of math rock and R&B is so addictive that’s it’s going to be painful waiting for more. [More at: Featured Band, Guitar Cover, Guitar Tutorial]

2. Rory Indiana – ‘Tough Love’

Rory Indiana have shades of In Dynamics and Arcane Roots to them but with a nice amount of groove and swagger that’s all their own. ‘Tough Love’ is a good introduction to a band I hadn’t heard till now, but definitely want to hear more from. [More at: Featured Band]

3. Mannequin Mishap – ‘Tea Party With My Taxidermist’

Who needs a guitarist anyway? This bass and drums two-piece make plenty of noise between them so they really don’t need anyone else. With vocals that sound like Kurt Travis and plenty of angular dynamics, there’s a lot to admire here. [More at: Featured Band]

4. Grumble Bee – ‘Heron’

If you’ve been keeping up with my blog or any of my writing over the past year or so you’ll know how much I admire the work of Grumble Bee. Not only can he play a variety of instruments, he can also handle a range of styles. Here’s he is performing a stripped-back piano song and it’s glorious. [More at: Featured BandEP Review]

5. Create to Inspire – ‘Adjust’

Create to Inspire are a five-piece post-hardcore band from Essex and though they’re diving head-first into a genre filled with soundalikes, they’re managing to differentiate themselves; not by doing anything particularly unique, but just by doing it better than other bands. [More at: Gig Review, Featured Band, 2017 Gig Leaderboard]

6. Restless Streets – ‘A Little More Us’

This is an interesting one – I really like the feel of this track and I was about to do a POV piece about it on Punktastic, but then I saw the track ‘In Vogue’  which was released in February and it’s neither a good song, nor a tasteful way to air private grievances. Restless Streets decided to call out InVogue Records through the lyrics and it leaves a sour taste in my mouth. I’m intrigued by what their next EP could sound like based on ‘A Little More Us’ being a great tune, but I’m waiting a little bit to see how it shapes up before giving them too much publicity.

7. A Lot Like Birds – ‘For Shelley’

‘For Shelley’ is our first listen of the new A Lot Like Birds and though it’s softer, less frantic, less technically demanding and much more melodic, it maintains the one thing this band has always done so well: it packs an emotional punch. The song is a tribute to Lockwood’s mother who tragically passed away last year and Lockwood has poured this pain into his art. [More at: Featured BandGuitar Cover]

8. Loathe – ‘It’s Yours’

Genre cross-overs can lead to wonderful results, as Liverpool’s Loathe demonstrate with ‘It’s Yours’. By taking the juxtaposition of dynamics and melody that you usually find in post-hardcore and mixing in the low bottom end and calculated timing patterns of tech-metal, Loathe have created a spectacular concoction. [More at: Featured Band]

9. Sylar – ‘Soul Addiction’

Not my usual style this, but when a song has a catchy chorus, I can’t help but be attracted to it. Rap never does it for me, but it seems to fit in the context of this song and with the groove of the instrumentals it reminds a little bit of Issues.

10. Dream State – ‘White Lies’

I reviewed Dream State’s debut EP last year and though it had some promise, it didn’t do anything different to what several other post hardcore bands are also doing. I’m pleasantly surprised with ‘White Lies’ – it has more oomph than the debut EP and if they can create a full record full of this energy it should be a good one. [More at: EP Review]


8 thoughts on “Playlist: March 2017

    1. That’s absolutely not something to be embarrassed about! I tend to focus on lesser-known bands that are either underappreciated or underexposed and try to do my bit to give them some airplay. If you knew every band on the list, then I’d have no reason to do what I do!

      I hope there’s something on here that you like, although this month was less diverse than usual.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I know that feeling well! The way I see it is we will get less quantity of views because of the smaller nature of the artists we cover, but they’ll be much higher quality views but those people who follow your blog are deeply passionate about finding new music to listen to

        Liked by 1 person

  1. I think you are right. Still, I’ve had a few music bloggers tell me they don’t have time to read about artists they’ve never heard of – which is their loss. It also pains me when some of the non-music blogs I follow get 100-150 likes for a post about their struggles with dieting, what they did over the weekend, or a short poem. I don’t mean to undervalue those types of posts, it’s just that I spend a lot of time and effort on some of my posts, and it’s frustrating and disappointing when they’re read by only a very small handful of people.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I definitely understand that struggle – there have been times when I wonder why I bother, since very few people read the articles I post, but then I do get bands who message me with genuine thanks for helping promote them and that makes it feel worthwhile for me.

      I think feature-length reading in general is sadly becoming a niche form of media today. My friend Mike, who does the guitar covers that I post on here, often posts covers to go alongside the albums I review and he’ll get at least a thousand views on a video that’s 3 minutes long, but people don’t seem to be clicking through to read the accompanying article about the band. Why read when a video can pump the information into your head quicker?

      Regardless, I still think there’s a passionate group of music lovers who appreciate what we do and though they’re a limited audience I still get a warm feeling when someone tells me I helped them find their new favourite band.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Indeed! The positive response and gratitude I receive from most – though not all – artists I feature sustains me and makes me want to continue doing what I’m doing. I get much pleasure from promoting these indie artists and bands in whatever way I can, and I know most appreciate it immensely. And, as you state, it’s also gratifying when those few bloggers who take the time to read my posts and listen to the music respond favorably. (And sorry for the crazy post I screwed up under “Anonymous” which you can delete.)

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