This gig included a few firsts: I’ve never been the Mulberry Tavern before, I’ve never seen Create to Inspire before and I’d never heard of any of the support bands. I went in with very little knowledge but came out knowing a fair bit more.

The venue is a decent little place; the sound quality is good and the stage is located in a good spot so pretty much all of the room can see the bands. Certainly a place I’d go to again. Create to Inspire emerged as a band to keep an eye on – their debut album ‘Sickness’, due out in May, could be the start of something big for them. As for the support bands, there was some promise but at least one of them has some homework to do.

Check out the full review, including all of the support bands, at Punktastic and I’ve added this gig to the leaderboard for 2017, which you can see here.

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From the review: Create to Inspire maintain the flow of energy and with plenty of dynamics in their music to keep things interesting, their set is over in a flash. The band’s vocalist is able to switch from clean melodies to harsh screaming consistently and comfortably, and it’s all powerful enough to cut through the atmospheric instrumentals.