There are two sides to Britain’s alt-rock portfolio: the glossy, polished side that’s dominated by huge choruses and squeaky-clean production and another that’s characterised by emotional power, raw instrumentation and a few welcome rough edges. Elasea are part of the latter group and their second EP is all the better for it. Read all about it in my review at Punktastic and see where I ranked this release among the others so far this year in the 2017 EP Leaderboard.

From the review: ‘Time Stops’ introduces a heavier edge that’s similar in tone to Exit Ten and the added bite from the crunching riffs invites a darker tone to the record. It’s an effect that Elasea attempted on the previous record but its integration is much smoother here, adding emphasis rather than skewing and confusing the core sound.

Interestingly the first Elasea EP was the first record that I reviewed for Punktastic. It’s nice to see how much my reviews have grown as well as the quality of this band’s music! If you want to sample the review of the first EP you can do so here.