The future looks bright for ambient post-hardcore act Acres. Their recently released EP ‘In Sickness & Health’ shows off an impressively mature sound that will no doubt sound fantastic live, and they’re planning to continue this momentum with an album release sometime this year as well.

I interviewed the band for Punktastic, revealing some details on the band’s influences, writing styles and plans for the future. Head over here to read that in full, and check out my review of the EP here. If you want to see where I’ve ranked ‘In Sickness & Health’ compared to the other EPs released this year, check out my leaderboard.

From the interview: ‘In Sickness & Health’ “is really just us flexing with our new vocalist, Ben. A lot of the people that listened to our band before we changed vocalist were definitely dubious and we want people to know that actually he can do everything Acres were doing before, and more. It’s got the heaviest songs we’ve written on here and some of the lightest.”