I saw Lost Ground open a gig in a small bar in Leeds a couple of years ago and I was completely captivated by their performance. Luscious math-rock with a scattering of melodic vocals; they have a fantastic sound and I’ve been patiently waiting for a substantial release. ‘Absent’ is here and it’s been well worth the wait. I’m hoping this fantastic EP will turn some heads and give the band the attention they deserve.

Check out the full review at Punktastic and see where ‘Absent’ ranks on the 2017 EP Leaderboard.

From the review: On paper, ‘Absent’ shouldn’t really work. There’s an awful lot packed into only four tracks: math-rock, post-rock, emo, post-hardcore, multiple tempos and time signatures, and unconventional song structures. Putting so many elements together should result in a confusing mess, but Lost Ground have managed the complete opposite.