I love post-rock but, like most things, I’m quite picky with it too. For it to be the glorious, insurmountable experience that it can be (I’m looking at Tides of Man and Dorena here), it’s got to be paced well and it’s got to provoke an emotional response. blanket’s debut EP ‘Our Brief Encounters’ does both of those things spectacularly and would join the select few at the top of the game if those emotional responses covered a wider range.

Check out the full review at Punktastic and see where I’ve ranked this record in the 2017 EP Leaderboard.

From the review: ‘Acacia’ sets the scene for what’s to come with a hugely atmospheric, beautifully multi-layered landscape, where intricate guitars and keys weave an irresistible tapestry over lightly played, slow-tempo drums.