Hailing from Albuquerque, New Mexico, Painting Promises are a promising band that I’m looking forward to seeing develop. ‘Headway’, released in September 2016, has a great feel to it with some effective up-beat, driving rhythms and interesting patterns. The vocals give the band a definite edge as well, chiming in with a first class chorus that sticks in your head.

Painting Promises seen like the kind of band that would sit nicely on Equal Vision records – there’s a nice mix of their early bands like Circa Survive, with the more recently acquired Picturesque (particularly on the vocal front).

This is a band very much in its infancy, so there isn’t a great deal of music to get stuck into just yet. There are a few tracks at Bandcamp available to buy, but that’s about it. Rest assured though I’ll be keeping a close on these guys, with my fingers crossed that we’ll hear something new from them this year.