There I was going about my day as normal, when suddenly I got an email from the past asking me to check out a new song by From First to Last. With Sonny Moore on it. Though it seemed less likely to be true than the email below it telling me I’d won the Nigeria lottery, the early 2000s emo kid in me told me to click the link anyway. And I was pleasantly surprised.

Full disclosure: I absolutely loved ‘Dear Diary…’ back when it was released in 2004. Scrap that, I still love it now. Sonny’s angst-ridden vocals were impossibly infectious and against the beautifully raw production and the carnage of Derek Bloom’s creative drumming, the whole record was a perfect soundtrack to a coming of age.

‘Make War’ is the first time the line-up from that genre-defining record have reunited in 10 years, in celebration of Sonny’s 29th birthday. One listen is all is it took to transport me back to 2004 – memories of an old MySpace profile, dying my hair black and trying to figure out how to play ‘Emily’ on my acoustic guitar.

When not drunk on nostalgia, I’ll admit this track doesn’t do anything unique or particularly interesting, but it is solid track with a catchy chorus and a good slice of attitude. As much as I’ve enjoyed seeing Sonny make a name for himself through his Skrillex alter-ego, it’s a shame that his signature voice hasn’t been heard enough over the past decade. It’s fantastic to hear him airing his voice again – it was made to be heard and made to be sung loud.

If this was a new band releasing this as their debut single, I’d probably file it under ‘that’s okay, keep an eye on them’, but y’know what – I’m fine with that. You can’t expect a band to be resurrected 10 years on and pick up where they left off, particularly for just one song, and I hardly think that’s the point of this endeavour either. What ‘Make War’ gives you is a straight-up, fun-loving tune that’s a good reminder of why this band is so beloved.

It remains to be seen whether ‘Make War’ is a one-off or something that will lead to more music in the future, but I’ve been reminded of the excitement this line-up provokes in me and I for one would love to hear more.