I’ll be honest, I don’t know an awful lot about this band and judging by what I can find on their social media, there isn’t too much to know yet either. But on the basis of ‘Awake’ surely that’s about to change.

Fans of any Blue Swan band should find plenty to enjoy here; the vocals are outstanding, the central groove means you won’t be sat still for long and there are all kinds of interesting instrumentation flowing in and out of the quirky song structure as well. It’s reminiscent of Kurt Travis era Dance Gavin Dance, or maybe a less-cluttered version of Hands Like Houses’ debut album.

The vocal melodies are the kind that are so well constructed that you can’t wait to learn the lyrics so you can join in. That feeling is rare and so powerful when it happens, which puts A Foreign Affair well and truly on my radar for ones to watch.

I remember getting this excited about another similar-ish band this time last year by the name of Wolf & Bear. Those guys ended up signing a deal with Blue Swan Records shortly after. There’s no reason to think these guys couldn’t end with the same fate and with some healthy promotion and maybe an EP release sometime soon. Their ability to write an interesting, infectious song is certainly not in doubt, so let’s hope the details of what’s to come from this exciting band don’t remain that way for long.

Image credit: Kolby Schnelli Photo