In this ‘Flashback Friday’ series I’m going to feature some albums that shaped my musical tastes and others that were simply so good they never went away and are still in regular rotation in my car stereo today. To spice things up even more, my partner in crime and all-round guitar hero Mike Smith, will contribute a guitar cover to every weekly instalment of this series. We’ve got some fun stuff coming up so stick with it!

The beauty of ‘Everyone Is Out to Get Us’ is that it was released eleven years ago in 2006, but still plays like a brand new record that was released yesterday. The strength of the musicianship, the quirky lyrical subject matter about UFOs and government conspiracies, and the band’s reluctance to have any less than five ideas per song, makes it timeless and ever-rewarding no matter when you listen to it.

The sing/scream post-hardcore formula was being flogged to death back in 2006 but, Far-Less never got sucked into the ‘just another copycat’ dialogue, despite having that same vocal style. It’s easy to spot bands just trying to catch onto a trend because there’s no passion in what they do and they’re so caught up in trying to replicate a formula that they bring nothing unique. Nothing on this record feels forced, in fact it’s so fluid it’s hard to keep up. The drums are frantic and insanely well executed – check out the ghost notes on It Gets Complicated – but not to be outdone, the guitars run you down with powerful riffs and interesting lead lines. The level of musicianship is beyond most of what post-hardcore bands were attempting at the time, but despite how complex and clever it was, each song is so well balanced that the musicianship never overpowers the songs.

I have so much love for this record because it attempted to push the genre forward and elevate the standard of performance. Sadly after this, the band went through some line-up changes that altered the dynamics and although follow-up record ‘A Toast to Bad Taste’ was a decent listen, it didn’t have the excitement and spark that this record still ignites in me today. If you’ve never heard this record before, treat yourself to a listen, and if you own it – stick it on today and remember the good times.

The fondest memory I have for this album is ‘Dialogue Supervisor’ – it follows the usual pattern our interactions. I hear a song I love, I giggle uncontrollably, and head round to Mike’s house to play it to him while watching his reaction match my own. All of our best musical moments start this way and ‘Dialogue Supervisor’ was no exception. Watch Mike cover it below:

Next week: another post hardcore record, this time from 2003. Released on Solid State Records. It’s a one word band name… any guesses?!