A league table of the EPs that I either purchased or reviewed for publications during 2016. Check out the full-length album version here.

Band Album Rating (/5) Reviews
Grumble Bee Disconnect 4.5 Link
Donnie Willow Inhale. Exhale. 4 Link
Wolf & Bear Split EP 4
Witterquick Beneath the Spinning Lights 4 Link
Kurt & Paul Travis Split EP 4
The Danger of Falling Hope/Well 3.5
Traces Traces 3.5 Link
Fullshore Cherish 3 Link
Makari Elegies 3 Link
My Body Sings Electric Franklin Tapes Side B 3
Rival Tides New Rituals 3
Frameworks Time Spent 3
Brad Couture Groundclouds 3
First Ghost Secret Talk 2.5
Once Upon a Dead Man Concepts and Phenomena 2
Carson Sekol Trust Issues 2
Lastoneout This Was Never My Story, It’s Yours 2 Link
Speaking in Italics Painted Sky 2 Link
With Confidence Better Weather 1.5