Back when I first started getting about music and developing as a musician, SikTh became a hugely inspirational band for me. The way they threw away the rule book and created something fresh made me open my ears to new possibilities and it wasn’t just me, they inspired a whole host of others who have been trying to emulate their style ever since.

It was a sad day when the band split up but now, seven years later, the band are back with a new lease of life. I caught up with the guys at Y Not Festival to find out more about their reunion, new material and a recent line-up change. Check it out at thePunkSite.

Mikee: There was a cooling off period for six years and that’s a long while to mature as a person. Once you’re out of a touring band where you’re consistently playing, things are different in the world and you start to appreciate things more. I remember looking out at Download [at the reunion show] and I’ve never been so appreciative of an audience because I’d started to think in my head that I’d never get to see that again.