3/10: Grumble Bee

The Great Escape gave us not one, but two, opportunities to witness Grumble Bee in action: once as a full band and another in acoustic form. I’ve harped on many times about just how good Jack Bennett (the guy behind Grumble Bee) is and these live shows prove the point much more poignantly than my words can.

Recent EP Disconnect is a polished, refined record, but live it’s much more organic and raw, Bennett putting so much personality into what he plays and sings that you can imagine no two performances will ever be the same. The opportunity to witness an outstanding musician and songwriter pour his heart out on stage is what makes Grumble Bee so appealing and the fact that the songs themselves are also superb just puts the icing on the cake.

Despite not wanting to go too far down the acoustic route and be labelled as an acoustic musician, Bennett excels in performing his songs in such an environment. Being an expressive and emotive performer, playing acoustic allows him to bend and shape each song according to whatever mood takes his fancy and this element of surprise and anticipation makes each set extra special.

If you haven’t already heard Disconnect, then sort that out now (click here for my review), and if you get the chance to see Grumble Bee live then take it. You won’t regret it.