April was a huge month for new music; there was no shortage of potential videos for the playlist this month and it’s been hard keeping up with all the reviews and news! Check out the playlist and let me know what you like the sound of. Enjoy!

1) Rival Tides – I Want More

Rival Tides released a new EP, New Rituals, on April 15th and “I Want More” is my highlight from the record. You just can’t beat an upbeat tune with a huge chorus.

2) Architects – Gone With the Wind

I remember when I heard “Naysayer” for the first time prior to Lost Forever // Lost Together  and it made me lost my mind. “Gone With the Wind” has exactly the same effect, making me extremely excited to get my hands on All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us. Big things are coming on May 27th.

3) Issues – Coma

It took me ages to get into Issues’ debut album but once I was there, I never left. I’m a sucker for Tyler Carter’s voice and this tune, taken from upcoming album Headspace (due out on May 20th), is no exception. There’s a new level of funk and groove in the 2 tracks released so far, which is really working for me.

4) PVRIS – You and I

I thought this track was decent when I first heard it, but when the band played it live earlier in the month it blew me away. Now whenever I hear “You and I” I’m reminded of the gig and it takes me to my happy place.

5) Climate Control – Ghosts

Climate Control are an upcoming post-hardcore band from South Africa. I don’t come across many bands from that area of the world but I should do something about that because these guys definitely know what they’re doing. No news on a record as yet, but I’m looking forward to seeing how they develop.

6) Black Peaks – Set in Stone

Well it’s finally here. We’ve waited long enough and the anticipation almost killed me, but Statues, Black Peaks’ debut album, is everything I’d hoped it’d be and more. The whole album could’ve been on the playlist this month, but I’ve kept my discipline and opted for just one. A definite early contender for album of the year, check out my review here.

7) Merge – The Exit

Merge are another new entrant, this time a French act wading into the alt-metal arena. The vocals grabbed me instantly on this one, but they also have the musical substance to keep me interested. More to come from this band in 2016, so stay posted.

8) With Confidence – Keeper

I put this tune, from Australia’s With Confidence, forward for Punktastic’s Best of April 2016 list based on its catchy, feel-good pop punk vibe. Their debut album Better Weather is out on June 17th.

9) Tilian & Jonny Craig – Back to Life

Just the prospect of these two vocal titans collaborating is enough to make me salivate. Admittedly, this isn’t the greatest song I’ve ever heard, but there are little gems here and there that make it irresistible and because of that, I’m sticking with it. Jonny may be a troubled soul, but the way he delivers the line “so put your broken heart in my hands” proves why you should never give up on him.

10) Long Distance Calling – Lines

Rounding off a rather international list this month is Germany’s Long Distance Calling. Their latest album TRIPS is out now and is a wonderfully eclectic mix of electro-pop, post-rock, prog, classic rock and alt-metal. Sound weird? It is, but in all the right ways. “Lines” is my standout track from the album, but the whole thing is certainly worth a listen.