Here are my picks of the songs released in March, or those that I happened to stumble across on my musical travels in the past month. Enjoy.

1) Architects – A Match Made in Heaven

The titans are back with a new album on May 27th called ‘All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us’. In true Architects style, this track is face-meltingly heavy and shows the continual evolution of Sam Carter’s vocals. Another excellent track that gets me excited for the new record.

2) Polyphia – Crush

Polyphia’s second album ‘Renaissance’ is a revelation in guitar-led instrumental music. Crush a great demonstration of the amount of groove they’re able to pack into their latest songs and this theme expands across the whole album. Despite being amazing guitarists, this isn’t a self-indulgent record, there’s a real focus on solid, coherent songs and it’s a transformational effort for this genre.

3) Donnie Willow – I Eat Flies

I nominated this song for Punktastic’s Best of March compilation for its exciting blend of styles and technical mastery. The song is an emotional journey from start to finish and showcases their debut mini-album ‘Inhale.Exhale’ very well indeed. Check out the record on Bandcamp and support this fantastic talent.

4) Traces – Of Servility

Both heavy and catchy, Traces serve up a decent helping of post-hardcore that’s helped by some highly impressive vocals. The band have a self-titled EP out today (April 8th) that’s well worth a listen if you want the music of Pierce the Veil’s ‘Collide With the Sky’ mixed with the vocal style of Issues’ Tyler Carter.

5) Issues – The Realist

Speaking of Mr Carter, his band is also ready to release a new album in May and ‘The Realist’ is a much-anticipated first listen of new material. The bass has been cranked up, the groove is off the chain and the vocals are just as catchy and infectious as ever. Some have criticised the lack of heavy guitars, but those people are just afraid to dance. Go with it!

6) Saosin – The Silver String

This was a divisive tune for me on first listen, but one that I’ve definitely warmed to. 2003 was the last time this set-up released a record and it’s hard to balance your expectations with what’s in front of you, so much so that ‘The Silver String’ prompted my first review of a single. Check out that article to read my full thoughts on this tune.

7) Deftones – Doomed User

What is there to say about this one? It’s a new Deftones track, I’m a sucker for them, so they go on the list. New album ‘Gore’ is out today (April 8th) so that’s my weekend sorted.

8) Wolf & Bear – Different Fires

As a lover of all things Will Swan and his ever growing family of quality bands and musicians, Wolf & Bear are as exciting a new act as I can find at the moment. Their previous track ‘Sight’ was a revelation and this track only makes me more desperate to get my hands on a chunk of new music. For now we’ll have to settle with a split EP with Adventurer, which will feature Wolf & Bear’s two tracks mentioned here.