‘Different Fires’ is the latest tune to be released by Wolf & Bear and demonstrates why Blue Swan Records were not only right to sign the band, but also the perfect choice for them. This track will be released alongside the previously  aired ‘Sight‘ to form their first release on the label run by Dance Gavin Dance guitarist and mastermind Will Swan.

Just as you’d expect from a band that’s linked to Swan, these guys are superb musicians; twiddly guitar lines interact with intricate drum patterns to create an excellent landscape of sound, filled with dynamic changes and frantic rhythms. The dual vocals work brilliantly and the scream/sing combination is balanced just as similar acts like Dance Gavin Dance and A Lot Like Birds.

When I first heard ‘Sight‘ I knew the future was going to be bright for Wolf & Bear and I was praying they’d catch the attention of Will Swan. So far everything has fallen into place nicely and as much as I’m looking forward to the upcoming, as yet un-dated, split EP with Adventurer, I’m even more excited for a more substantial release, which I’m hoping won’t be too far behind.