Instrumentally similar to Pierce the Veil’s ‘Collide With the Sky’ and vocally reminiscent of post-hardcore’s more R&B-styled front-men such as Jonny Craig and Tyler Carter, Traces’ new single ‘Of Servility’ is definitely worthy of attention.

The heavy riffs hit hard and the silky smooth vocal arrangement makes for a memorable chorus that should have you repeatedly reaching for the replay button. ‘Of Servility’ comes from the band’s upcoming debut self-titled EP which was produced by Matt Good (From First to Last, D.R.U.G.S.). It’ll be released on April 8th and can be pre-ordered here.

This track is a good representation of the rest of the EP, which continues in this vein, all five tracks proving Traces’ massive potential. With hard-hitting instrumentals and excellent vocals, they should have no trouble fitting in when their EP lands. A full review will be posted soon.