February was a much better month productivity-wise for me and that was helped in no small part by the number of excellent tunes being released. Here are a few of my favourites from the last month:

1) Normandie – Collide

Swedish alt-rockers Normandie have recently signed to InVogue records and will be releasing their debut album Inguz on March 11th. It’s a cracking album, filled with anthemic, fist pumping tunes like this one. Fans of massive choruses and catchy tunes should definitely have a listen.

2) Words Like Daggers – Speak Easy

This catchy post-hardcore tune got my attention with its clever chorus vocal arrangement and toe-tapping rhythms. It comes from the band’s debut album Perfect Weather, which will be released on March 18th. It’s a stand out track for me, but the rest of the album is worth a listen as well, if ‘Speak Easy’ takes your fancy.

3) Once Upon a Dead Man – The Canopy

This Charlie Simpson side project sees him team up with his two brothers and a life-long friend to take on the electronic pop genre. Simpson’s vocals sound superb against the ambient synths and up-tempo rhythm, making this a very interesting prospect for the future. Their debut EP ‘Concepts and Phenomena’ is out on April 1st.

4) Rome Hero Foxes – The Great Hall

Taken from their debut album ‘For When You’re Falling Backwards’, released through Kurt Travis’ Esque Records label, The Great Hall is a sublime example of ambient vocals with just the right amount of urgency to keep it exciting. Rome Hero Foxes’ album has been one of my favourite releases of the year so far and if you’re into Circa Survive you have to check it out.

5) Fatherson – Lost Little Boys

Scottish trio Fatherson have a new album on the horizon – ‘Open Book’, due out on June 3rd – a follow-up to their debut record ‘I Am An Island’. I wasn’t a big fan of their previous effort, but this tune (and other newbie ‘Always’) made me pay attention. I saw the band play live recently and their set blew me away with incredibly passionate vocals and intensely ambient instrumentals. I’m excited to hear the next chapters of their ‘Open Book’.

6) Being As An Ocean – Dissolve

I had mixed views on the last Being As An Ocean album: parts of it were great, but it petered out too early and became formulaic. The clean vocals, while tonally sounding nice, seemed to lack passion in the delivery, but here on ‘Dissolve’ they’ve finally connected with me. I’m hoping the band maintain the aggressive vocals somewhere on the new material, but for now this gives me hope for the future of their sound.

7) When Our Time Comes – Impending

With djent-style guitar riffs and pounding drums, but with purely clean vocals, When Our Time Comes are bringing melody to the progressive metal world. ‘Impending’ will get your head bobbing with its heavy, downtuned guitars and your singing voices going with its catchy chorus. The band’s upcoming, self-title debut album will be out later in the year.

8) Hands Like Houses – Glasshouse

Glasshouse is my current favourite from the band’s latest album Dissonants, although on an album as accomplished as it is, that changes quite frequently. Dissonants surprised me with how heavy it is yet somehow more melodic than ever before and ‘Glasshouse’ demonstrates this exceptional mix perfectly.