If you like heavy music with meaty riffs, but you’re put off by screaming, you might want to check out When Our Time Comes. The guitars are drop-tuned and djent-like in their style, giving ‘Impending’ an unmistakebly heavy, head bobbing character which is made all the more neck-aching thanks to the syncopated and techincally impressive drumming. However, vocally this is full of melody and aside from the odd gang vocal, everything here is crystal clean.

‘Impending’ has a strong chorus and effective melodic verse patterns such that you don’t miss the lack of aggressive screams that usually emphasise the heavy elements of the music. The band recently signed to Lifeforce Records and will release their debut, self-titled full-length on April 15th and it will be interesting to hear what other elements the band have to their sound. I’m hoping they’ve got enough tricks up their sleeve to keep this sounding fresh and don’t let this become formulaic, which can be an issue with bands in this genre. There’s definite talent and potential here though, so I’m hopeful!

Watch this space.