As if Charlie Simpson didn’t have enough going on at the moment, what with a Busted reunion, a recently released Fightstar album to support and the small matter of a new born baby to look after, he’s ready to launch yet another musical project. Once Upon a Dead Man sees him try his hand at electronic-pop, in collaboration with his brothers Ed and Will, and long time friend Simon Britcliffe.

‘The Canopy’ is Charlie Simpson at his melodic best, delivering a beautiful, uplifting verse melody that’s carried along on a synthetic wave of up-tempo drums. The tempo dips in the chorus leaving everything up to the vocals, which are more than equal to the task, as an infectious chorus gets planted in your brain. The mix of such excellent vocal tone with electronic instrumentals is a formula that’s working well for other acts such as PVRIS and there’s no reason to doubt that this act will deliver quality anything short of that.

At under three minutes in length ‘The Canopy’ doesn’t hang around long, leaving you reaching for the replay button. On April 1st this song will have some company, as the band’s debut EP ‘Concepts and Phenomena’ gets its release.