Good Tiger is made up of musicians from various other bands you may have come into contact with and the result is a supergroup effort of excellent instrumentals, quirky vocals and varied song structures. The band consists of Elliot Coleman (ex Tesseract, Sky Eats Airplane and OMNOM), Derya Nagle, Joaquin Ardiles (ex-The Safety Fire), Morgan Sinclair (ex-Architects) and Alex Rudinger (ex-the Faceless), so if you’ve heard of any of these chaps then you’ll know what to expect.

If you haven’t, then try if you can to picture a sweet spot in between Periphery and The Mars Volta – admittedly that’s a wide range to work with, but once you listen to Snake Oil you’ll know what I mean. Musicians with this level of skill is usually kept in the realm of technical metal, so to hear these guys spilling out into post-hardcore is an exciting proposition. It’s the vocals that take it this away from a core metal sound, but after you’re used to them it’s compelling stuff.

The band’s debut album ‘A Head Full of Midnight‘ is out on November 6th and a review will be coming soon.