The first play-through of an album that you’ve been anticipating for months is a nervous moment. So often the foundations of such a record aren’t enough to take the weight of expectation and it all ends in a pile of disappointment. Happily this is not the case with Crooks‘ debut album ‘Are We All the Same Distance Apart‘. There’s been the promise of brilliance hanging over this band ever since the band’s 2012 EP ‘Nevermore’ and anyone who’s seen them live can testify to the raw emotion and nervous energy that surrounds them.

This record is a journey from start to finish through excellent musicianship, dynamic transitions, tempo changes and superb vocals. You won’t hear many albums with an emotional vocal performance of this intensity, while still managing to throw massive hooks into the mix as well. UK’s post hardcore scene has needed a leader for some time and Crooks have certainly thrown their hat in the ring with this album. Check out my full review at Already Heard and make sure you buy the record on October 30th.