Schone Seele comes from Crooks’ upcoming debut album ‘Are We All the Same Distance Apart’ and is a perfect way to demonstrate why I’m so excited about this release. When I saw the band playing some of these news songs a few months ago, and having spoken to the guys about the process of creating the record, I knew this was going to be special. Crooks talk about their music in such an honest, passionate way and it’s clear in songs that they produce that every song is played from the heart.

Schone Seele is one of those songs that gets under my skin and just moves me. The uplifting atmosphere of the guitars, the driving rhythm of the drums and the pure emotion in the vocals makes for an intoxicating cocktail and I’m confident, having experienced some of these new tracks live, that the rest of the album is going to follow suit.

Are We All the Same Distance Apart is released on October 30th and I’ll have a review ready on Already Heard at the end of the week. This one is going to be huge.