It’s time to get excited, Wolf & Bear mean business. It feels like I’ve waited forever to be able to finally shout about this song – the band was kind enough to send me a pre-release copy of the video and I instantly fell in love with it. The previous song the band released, Oil Cup, was impressive, but this is something else entirely. You won’t get too far into “Sight” before genre-kings Dance Gavin Dance spring to mind, with the intricate guitar lead lines, choppy rhythms and scream/sing vocal sharing.

Wolf & Bear are no imitators though. While “Sight” draws parallels to Will Swan’s band of master intrumentalists, Wolf & Bear have carved their own path here, with the addition of a guitar solo, slap bass licks and a song structure that is as juxtaposed and is it genius. That said, I could definitely see this band on Will’s record label Blue Swan, as this record indicates the special kind of talent that a band needs to forge that partnership. In fact, “Sight” makes me just as excited as the time I first heard Hail the Sun or Eidola, making them a perfect fit alongside those bands!

I’ll be running an article on Wolf & Bear at Almost Heard shortly, but in the meantime spread the word of this song and let’s attract the attention of Mr Swan.