This song makes me very happy indeed. From Second Stage Turbine Blade through to Good Apollo…IV I was a huge Coheed fan, until the band’s music and concept became a little to grandiose for my tastes. Back in the ‘good old days’ Coheed managed to turn hooks and choruses, which should’ve been too sweet and over-the-top to ever be effective, into anthemic, infectious songs that were backed up by some seriously impressive musicianship. It was always going to be interesting to hear the new direction now that the huge, sci-fi concept is behind them, and “Here to Mars” certainly gets me excited for another Coheed record.

The chorus is huge, the sentiment is powerful and the music behind it is strong and driving. It has a much bigger impact than the first ‘post-concept’ song that the band released, “You Got Spirit, Kid”, which I felt lacked that plucky character that the best Coheed moments have always possessed. I’m looking forward to hearing more from the upcoming album and hope that it’s packed full of great tracks like this one.

The Colour Before the Sun is out on October 16th.