Picturesque have just announced that they’ve signed to Equal Vision Records and this video is a good indication of what attracted the label. Vocalist Kyle Hollis has an incredible range, flawlessly executed in this acoustic performance, giving the band bags of potential for the future. The studio version of this song has just received the music video treatment, but I feel that this version demonstrates the power of Hollis’ vocals in the best way.

‘Speak Softly’ is one of three tracks on Picturesque’s debut, self-titled EP and demonstrates a solid entry into the world of poppy post-hardcore. Vocals aside though the EP is pretty safe and doesn’t leave a massive impression, so I’m hoping that the next release, another EP which the band is currently recording, pushes the musicality further to offer a longer lasting experience. There’s potential here, but there needs to be more substance to the next EP to keep me interested longer term.