Topping my Hevy Fest countdown list, representing the band I’m most looking forward to seeing this weekend, is Crooks. Their debut full-length album, which as yet doesn’t have a release date, is one of my most anticipated records of the year, off the back of the stunning EP Nevermore, which rests somewhere between melodic and post hardcore. They recently signed to an imprint of Equal Vision Records and with the label’s backing I’m hoping the band can generate the support that their talent and songwriting abilities deserve.

I saw them play Rock City in Nottingham a few months back and I’ve been dying for another chance to see them perform again. With the new songs sounding somehow even better than the Nevermore tracks, their live show is not one to be missed. Crooks have made all of their tunes free for download on their Bandcamp page, so check those out, and if you want more details on their upcoming album, check out my interview.

That concludes the Hevy Fest countdown, now it’s time to head off to Kent to enjoy the event. Reviews will follow over the next week or so.