I was a massive fan of Coheed back in the days when Second Stage Turbine Blade and In Keeping Secrets were released. I went as far as joining a Coheed message board where I met some incredible people; something I’d never done, nor ever repeated, for a band before. There was something special about the way the band’s music bridged a gap between excellent musicianship, pop sensibility and epic lyrical narrative and it captivated me from the outset.

Good Apollo Vol 1 was a good record but after that the music became a little too rock-opera for me; the music’s lovably character was brushed aside in favour of over blown production and theatricality. Having seen the band 9 times already (I was a big fan!) I wouldn’t have been too excited about this upcoming set at Hevy Fest, but after hearing that they’d be playing In Keeping Secrets in full, this quickly became one of my most anticipated performances of the weekend (maybe the year!)

I still have a massive soft spot for this album, which I believe to be the best thing they’ve ever done, and can’t wait to see it replicated on stage. Only 2 days to go!