Hevy Fest is only seven days away and I’m already extremely excited. Of all the festivals this year, this has to be my favourite line up of them all. To share my enthusiasm and to enjoy the run-up to next weekend, I’m going to count down my top 7 acts at this year’s festival in descending order of excitement.

Today’s pick is Thrice. I’ve been a fan of the band since The Illusion of Safety, due mainly to their refusal to cover old ground and willingness to try something new with each passing record. The Artist in the Ambulance remains my favourite record, although I did read the lyrics to “The Weight” as part of my wedding ceremony, making Beggars a special record in my memory as well. I’ve chosen “All That’s Left” as the song to represent the band, as it brings back many memories of dancing to it during club nights at Rock City during my university days. Enjoy!