Knuckle Puck’s debut album Copacetic is now out and it’s mightily impressive. “Swing” is a good representation of what I like about this album; it’s pop-punk, yes, but it’s unclean, it’s unstructured, it’s mature and brilliantly crafted. The track’s intro is a perfect example – instead of bursting in with power chords it hits you fractured bars and a fragmented drum fill that puts you on the back front and piques your interest.

The vocals are powerful and relentless, the delivery often going beyond singing into down-right pleading at the top of the voice and as the vocals strain to almost breaking point, it amplifies the emotion and hits you in all the right places. If you like this track then it’s a great insight into the album as a whole and you should certainly think about supporting this band. I’ll have a full review of the album in the next week or so and they’ll be on tour with State Champs and Roam in the UK late September/early October, so check them out.