On record, In Dynamics’ math infused blend of pop-rock flows from a textured palette of crisp, clean tones behind purely delivered vocals. In a live environment, it’s difficult to reproduce such clarity, but on stage in Leeds’ Carpe Diem, this three-piece from Brighton managed to perfectly replicate their refined studio sound with the added atmospheric benefit that only live music can provide.

Frontman Beau Boulden admirably handled his triple duties, not only seamlessly combining guitar and vocal responsibilities, but also commanding the stage well with bags of enthusiasm and energy between the vocal passages. Boulden’s vocals were flawless throughout the set, his voice being equally strong in either falsetto or full-voice, allowing him more options to keep arrangements sounding interesting and varied. Musically In Dynamics are extremely tight, which emphasises the complex rhythms and intricate sections of their music and the vocal harmonies provided by bass player William Wrench and drummer Jack Wrench were perfectly executed and added depth to the performance.

In Dynamics are currently working on new material to follow 2014’s EP Questions and took the opportunity to showcase some of their efforts through the set. There were three new tracks on show, “In This Light” and “We are Lions” being more straight-forward in structure with powerful choruses, followed by my pick of the newbies “Another Minute”. This track is more reminiscent of the Circle EP with angular riffs, dynamic changes and interesting vocal arrangements, which came across fantastically on stage. All three tracks show strong progress, taking their signature sound and continuing to build on it and as a result the songs slotted nicely amongst the older tracks in the set.

My only disappointment was the modest turnout in the crowd. This was a free gig in a city centre on a Saturday night, showcasing some superb British talent. One of the great aspects of In Dynamics’ music is their ability to make intricate, technical music sound simple, making their songs easily accessible to a large audience. This band shouldn’t be playing to small crowds, but that’s a problem we can fix collectively by publicising the band. I’ll certainly be doing my utmost and will be looking forward to any excuse to see In Dynamics live again in the future.

Set List (click links for music videos)

  1. Equal Ground
  2. Running Hands
  3. In This Light [new]
  4. Waking Life
  5. We are Lions [new]
  6. Another Minute [new]
  7. The House