I gave Slaves a hard time on their debut album Through Art We Are All Equals for lacking ambition, because having a front-man like Jonny Craig should allow the band to do more than simply ‘fit in’ with other bands of this style. The individual parts never seemed joined up – the vocals didn’t really fit with the music and the instrumentation was a little too flat. I doubted whether the band were putting their soul into the music.

“Death Never Lets Us Say Goodbye” proves that when you have a message to tell, the music comes from the heart and ends up sounding so much better. Jonny Craig states this song carries an important personal message relating to the death of a friend and this passionate narrative comes through in the vocals. The music surrounding it has the correct balance of punch and subtlety, making the whole piece the most effective song the band has produced to date. If this level of emotion bleeds through the rest of the album, they could finally be on to a winner.