I’ve been hooked on As Cities Burn since their incredible debut album Son I Loved You at Your Darkest (2005). It’s a raw, emotional album that’s as melodic as it is heavy and though the aggressive side of their music subsided on subsequent albums Come Now Sleep and Hell or High Water, the intensity never wavered. “Prince of Planet Earth” is the first song the band has released since their split in 2009 and is the first time the band’s screamer TJ Bonnette has appeared on a song since he left the band in 2006.

This track is well worth the wait, mixing the indie elements of the band’s more recent albums with TJ’s more aggressive vocals to produce something that bridges everything the band has done to date. The results are spectacular, although it’s left me wanting a full album’s worth of new material, which may never come to fruition. This new track coincides with the announcement of the Son I Loved You at Your Darkest 10 year anniversary reunion tour and it remains to be seen whether any more material will follow. Here’s hoping there will be!