“A Night on the Town” is our first taste of what to expect on Act IV: Rebirth in Reprise, the fourth instalment of The Dear Hunter’s series of concept albums. As expected from Casey Crescenzo, the song is intricate, multi-layered and features a range of instruments. The second part of the song is especially emotive as it pays homage to “Mustard Gas” from Act III, making this a perfect transitional song that forces excitement for what’s to come and a shiver of nostalgia for what’s gone before.

Act IV will be released on September 4th and it’s amazing to think that Crescenzo has created yet another album full of such creative depths, given the enormity of The Colour Spectrum‘s 36 tracks in 2011, followed by 2013’s full-length Migrant. Oh yes, and there was the small matter of him composing a symphony last year as well. Crescenzo is a remarkably gifted songwriter and I can’t wait to hear more from Act IV.

The (beautiful) album artwork is below.