Circa Survive will release their fifth studio album Descensus on November 24th, 2014.

The band opted to release their previous album Violent Waves without record label assistance, but have since teamed up with Sumerian Records, who signed the band in August this year. Descensus will mark the band’s first release of new material through the label who earlier in September demonstrated their support by re-releasing Violent Waves with a bonus “full-length DVD of the group’s sold-out performance from The Shrine in Los Angeles.”

In an interview with Alternative Press, vocalist Anthony Green elaborated on the band’s move from being an independent outfit, to working with Sumerian Records: “we realized how creatively driven they were. They love music, they love art, and they really fight for what they want. They want us to be happy. This was something we couldn’t ignore.”

One thing that the band can ignore this time around is the direct concern for the business-side of the record’s release. The circumstances surrounding the band’s independent release of Violent Waves in 2012 highlighted the difficulties involved in organising the business aspects of releasing a record, as well as recording the music for it. During the week of release, the band were forced to communicate to all fans who had placed a pre-order to explain that due to “some unexpected issues on the manufacturing end and due to even further error on the part of the plant, all physical orders are in a state of delay.”

The deal with Sumerian Records will allow the band to focus primarily on the music which Green feels, the help of producer Will Yip, is sounding better than ever: “every song has this moment in it that makes me feel ridiculous. I feel like I just outdid myself. I feel like we did better than we did before.” For the band to do better than before in terms of chart performance, Descensus will need to reach higher than number eleven on the Billboard Top 200 in the US, which the band achieved in 2010 with Blue Sky Noise, which was marginally better than Violent Waves, which peaked at number fifteen.

During the interview with Alternative Press, Green also commented on the rumours surrounding his involvement with Saosin; the band he fronted prior to forming Circa Survive. Saosin released a five-track EP entitled Translating the Name in 2003, which amassed a cult following in the post-hardcore scene at the time. Green left the band shortly after, but reunited with the group in 2013 for a string of ten-year anniversary shows, leaving fans to question whether new material would surface as a result of Green’s renewed participation. Green’s indicates that that new material is in the works, stating “I have a bunch of Saosin material that I’m working on,” however whether the public will ever get to hear it is still unclear, as Green clarifies: “there’s nothing really in the works or a timeframe or anything. It’s just this fun thing we can all exist in once in a while.”