Album Details

Band:  Architects

Title: Lost Forever // Lost Together

Released:  10/03/2014

Label: Epitaph

Producer: Fredrik Nordström

This is Architects’ sixth studio album and this one is a game changer. This album puts the band at the top of the metalcore genre and gives us Brits a band to be truly proud of. The band has had potential for many years now but have never quite delivered in my eyes, but Lost Forever // Lost Together delivers on every level so that we now have a studio album that matches the precision and ferocity of their live performances.

On previous albums, vocalist Sam Carter lacked variety in his voice, particularly his screamed vocals which tended to be at one pitch and became monotonous. This started to improve on the band’s previous album Daybreaker, but on Lost Forever // Lost Together, Carter shows complete mastery of his instrument and the results are spectacular. He seamlessly transitions from felt melting screams to soaring melodies, but rather than opt for studio-cleansed clean vocals, his melodies sound strained and on the verge of cracking, which only adds to the emotion and impact of the delivery.

This genre often suffers from vocalists screaming their lungs out about mundane and clichéd topics, making it difficult as a listener to understand why the singer seems so uptight and shouty about such meaningless drivel. The lyrics on this album are politically charged and impressively written, so when Carter cries out that “I hope you choke on the vows that you failed to deliver” you know he means it and you can’t help but be an advocate for his cause.

Musically this album is an absolute beast. I felt genuinely exhausted after my first listen; it punched me in the side of the head on the first track and continued to stamp on my face with each successive song until the final notes rang out. It’s no surprise that drummer Dan Searle and his guitarist brother Tom are twins as there is an incredible amount of groove running through the whole album despite the fragmented rhythms and time changes; a feat that could only be accomplished by two minds working in perfect unison.

Daybreaker showed signs of the band maturing into a sound that suited them well but ultimately lacked a little bite. With this release the musicians of the band really stepped up and as a result it hits harder than a boxer with articulated lorries for gloves. Carter’s excellent vocal direction adds even more depth to the mix and with the excellent production quality running through the eleven tracks this album is the complete package. Suffice to say that if this album and I were lost together, I’d have no qualms being lost forever with only this for company.