Album Details

Band:  InLeague

Title: Sleep and You Might Miss This

Released:  30/09/2012

Label: Independent

Producer: Self-produced

This debut full-length from five-piece Australian band In League is mostly a formulaic replica of any current post-hardcore album, but for all its shortcomings in creativity, it does deliver an enjoyable listen thanks to strong vocals, decent musicianship and thought provoking lyrics.

As with many other albums in this genre these days, the album opens with an intro track that meanders through samples and musical interference, intending no doubt to be an atmospheric unveiling of the album’s forthcoming splendour, but serves only as a disposable time-waster that once heard, becomes an automatic skip thereafter. It’s a shame to be reaching for the skip button as soon as the record begins, particularly as the first track proper kicks in with real impact and would have served much better as the album’s opener.

Musically, the album is fast-paced, has some decent riffs and is interspersed with electronics and effects, in a manner not too dissimilar to Of Machines. Layered over this is a couple of vocalists taking shifts on sing/scream patterns, reminiscent of most other post-hardcore bands. The clean vocals do stand out as a key strength of the band, in terms of tone and melodic structure, and the added effects on the vocals are enough to keep things nice and interesting. For all the strength of the clean vocals though, the screaming lets this album down. The screams could have been copied and pasted from any other band of this type, both in terms of structure and tone, giving each song a recycled feel and unfortunately making the band’s sound seem formulaic. Fortunately, the quality of the clean vocals ensures that the sub-par screaming doesn’t bring the album down and end up being the key differentiator for the band.

Despite being a generic album that doesn’t offer much in terms of fresh ideas, I’m interested in hearing what the band does next. In League have a great vocalist and it would be nice to hear the band create something interesting musically to go with the creative melodies that this vocalist is able to produce. However for now, if you happen to fall asleep when you put this album on, you won’t miss a great deal.