Album Details

Band:  Sianvar

Title: Sianvar

Released:  05/01/2014

Label: Independent

Producer: Josh Benton

Sianvar is a post-hardcore supergroup, built from members of Hail the Sun, Dance Gavin Dance, Stolas and A Lot Like Birds. The result is pretty much what you’d expect from these musicians: impressive musicality, spasmodic rhythms and guitar licks, well crafted and catchy vocals and a load of groove. If you’re a fan of any of the members’ originating bands then you’ll surely enjoy this as well.

Although all five tracks on the EP are impressive songs, I don’t get a sense of synergy from the group: the sum of the parts is pretty much equal to the whole. With a group of musicians as impressive as these, I’d hoped that the amalgamation of such creative energy would manifest as a new kind of beast. What we actually get is a continuation of the style and quality of music that these musicians would normally produce. Given that the band recorded this EP in three weeks while on the road, it’s a little harsh to expect them to reinvent the post-hardcore scene in twenty minutes of material, but with highly talented individuals comes the expectation of magical results.

The EP is a very enjoyable listen and given the success rate of the music churned out by all of these associated bands, I’m always keen to hear more. My reservation though is that while this EP keeps my appetite whet during a wait for a full-length by any of the members’ bands, I’m not sure it does enough to generate excitement on its own. I’d definitely be interested in hearing more from this band as a side-project, but if it were a mutually exclusive decision, whereby a new album by Hail the Sun, Stolas, Dance Gavin Dance or A Lot Like Birds would have to be sacrificed, then I wouldn’t be as keen to entertain that thought.