Album Details

Band:  Paris

Title: Paris (EP)

Released:  March 2013

Label: Self-released

Producer: Chris Curran

This EP is Paris’ debut release and is full of youthful enthusiasm, energy and above all 5 damn fine tracks. Paris sound like a female fronted Saosin, with hints of VersaEmerge in their ‘Perception’ EP days, meaning that you can expect hooky choruses, quick tempo instrumentation and bags of energy.

The band have also managed to show their range by including a stripped down, slower tempo song in the mix, which helps to build your confidence that over a full length album, you’re not likely to be subjected to the same 10 songs over and over. For a young band, this is a really positive sign, as it shows that they’re already thinking about variation and showing different facets of their music.

On the other hand though, this EP does show that the band have got a little bit of work to do in terms of defining their own sound. As mentioned already, the band sound similar to early Saosin and VersaEmerge, which is no bad thing, but if the band go on to write a full length, they’ll make more of an impact if they can somehow create something unique that sets them apart from their peers.

For now, I’d certainly recommend checking this EP out for its energetic musicianship, brilliantly executed vocals and youthful enthusiasm. Definitely a band to keep tabs on.