Album Details

Band:  Conditions

Title: Full of War

Released:  February 2013

Label: Good Fight Music

Producer: Paul Leavitt

Full of War is Conditions’ second full length album and it serves up essentially what you’d expect from the band. It’s the same upbeat, anthemic, fists-in-the-air type pop rock that the band have become synonymous with. In fact, compared to their previous album, Full of War has the same tempo, same style, same superb lyrical messages and the same song structures, though fortunately enough the same high standard of execution.

Conditions have a knack of continually churning out predictable songs that are so infectious that you forget to care. At this stage I should be bored of listening to an up-tempo pop rock song with a massive chorus, but once I get to that chorus and it sticks in my head, all is forgiven. If you’ve enjoyed releases by this band before, then you’re sure to love what’s on offer here, but if you’re looking for signs of development and creativity in their style, then you may be disappointed.

When I first heard the album I wasn’t blown away by it, but with each listen it has grown on me to the point where it fits perfectly alongside their previous release in terms of quality and lasting value. If the band turns out a third album then I’d like to think I’d be more demanding in terms of hearing growth in their sound, but on the other hand I’m sure that as soon as I hear Brandon crooning another superb chorus melody over a pulsing rhythm, that all of my conviction will be blown away! This may not be the most original album you’ll ever hear, but it’s a damn good listen.