Album Details

Band:  Lights

Title: Siberia

Released:  October 2011

Label: Lights Music (Universal)

Producer: Tawgs Salter

Siberia is Lights’ second full-length album and if you became a fan of Lights because of her infectious, bubble-gum pop style then you, like me, may well be disappointed with this release. Siberia lacks the hooks and choruses that made her previous work so likeable, as these seem to have been sacrificed for a more ‘mature’ sound.

One of the key differences between the two albums is the production approach. On Siberia, the backing tracks are steeped in fuzzy, electronic drum sequences that wouldn’t sound out of place in the club scene, and on more than one occasion there are some dub-step effects thrown in, which seem to be shoe-horned in for good measure, rather than to complement the songs. These changes are so polarising compared to Lights’ debut album that I question whether they’ve been done to make this album more marketable, as contemporary and mainstream, rather than being what Lights truly believes in. Her debut album had so much character and likeability, that when you take that away, you’re left with a vacuous stream of lifeless songs.

The songs themselves aren’t catchy, infectious or memorable enough to compensate for the production choices, so in the end I’m left with an album that promised much, but will sadly not live long in the memory. I think if Lights was to release an acoustic version of this album then these songs could work well, but until I hear some personality shining through, I’m not going to be giving these tunes a lot of airtime.