Album Details

Band: Hawkboy

Title: Hawkboy (EP)

Released:  June 2011

Label: Independent

Producer: Matt Goldman

Following the demise of As Cities Burn, Cody and Aaron formed Hawkboy, and while it’s nice to see that the pair have not been buried in the musician’s graveyard just yet, this EP does not do enough to fill the substantial gap left behind by As Cities Burn’s absence. Musically, there’s little similarity between these tracks and what we’re used to from the previous couple of As Cities Burn releases; the four tracks on show here feel much more liberal and experimental. It’s great to hear the creativity oozing out of these songs, but there’s a distinct lack of cohesion, which makes this EP come across as a small creative outlet rather than a serious project.

It’s great to hear Cody’s vocals over any music and I think that with time, and a great deal of refinement, Hawkboy could produce some quality music, but for the time being, we’ll have to carry on mourning the loss of one of the scene’s greatest bands until they settle on a core sound.