Album Details

Band: The Great American Beast

Title: Domestic Blood

Released: September 7th 2010

Label: Trustkill Records

Producer: Josh Schroeder

Sounds like: American Southern Rock/Hardcore (He Is Legend, Everytime I Die)

The Great American Beast have a great sound – mixing gritty, southern rock in the style of  He Is Legend, with the raw vocal delivery of Everytime I Die – which makes for an entertaining listen. However, monotonous vocals and song pacing prevents it from being a quality record. The delivery is rather tongue-in-cheek, which makes the album a fun listen – the guitar riffs are hooky and groove well, the vocals are shouty and in your face and there’s even a few cowbells thrown in for good measure. Taken at face value, it’s all good fun.

If this was a five track EP, I’d come away impressed. Unfortunately though, it’s a full album and the charm starts to wear off after five or six songs. As you get into the second half, the monotone delivery of the screamed vocals starts to wear thin and you realise that the songs rely far too much on the driving force of the guitar riffs, which are all one speed and become predictable.

It’s a shame because The Great American Beast have a great sound and they clearly had a lot of fun recording the album, as their energy comes across brilliantly in the music. Sadly the band have now split up, so we won’t get to hear whether they can improve by adding some diversity to their songwriting. Domestic Blood will get a few spins, but it won’t live long in the memory.

Score: 65%