Album Details

Band: The Morning Of

Title: The Way I Fell In

Released: May 4th 2010

Label: Tragic Hero/LAB Records

Producer: Jim Wirt

My first taste of this band was through their debut single ‘Tell Me I’m Wrong’, which is an excellent indie-pop song, perfectly showcasing dual male and female vocal harmonies, combined with a great chorus. I was persuaded to buy the album after hearing another song featuring Aaron Marsh of Copeland titled ‘Heaven or hell’, which is softer, more acoustic-driven song which once more emphasises the excellent vocal talents of the band.

I was really looking forward to hearing the full-length album, however having absorbed its contents, I was unhappy to find that the two songs I’d already heard were the only ones to get excited about. ‘The Time It Takes to Grow’ is another decent track, but aside from these stand-out songs, the rest of the album feels like filler material that merely gets by, but doesn’t deliver noticeable quality.

The song-writing feels tired and predictable after the first couple of tracks and having heard the excellent chorus on ‘Tell Me I’m Wrong’, I was amazed to find the other songs lacking in this area. It felt as though they’d hit their stride with that one song and didn’t have the ability to recreate this impact again (a bit like Paramore’s Riot album, which was overshadowed by the quality of Misery Business).

A major complaint that I have with this album is that the male vocals sound excellent throughout, but the female vocalist doesn’t work for me. She shifts through various styles and methods of delivery throughout the album, which impacts consistency and some of her choices are very questionable. The track ‘Like Yesterday’ could be a good song, but on the chorus the female vocalist hits a note that essentially sounds like a high pitched squeal, which ruins the moment and ultimately the song. For me, there were too many of these uncomfortable instances for me to enjoy the dual vocals.

Sadly, I found this album to be lacklustre, which is a real shame because the stand-out tracks are really impressive. Maybe next time they’ll hone their song-writing skills and produce a full album’s worth of quality material.

Score: 48%