Album Details

Band: This Armistice

Title: (New Breath + New Heartbeat) = Change

Released: 15th November 2009

Label: Self-released

Producer: Unknown

This Armistice describe themselves as a “heavy chill” band, “producing music with intricate guitar riffs, compelling bass lines, driving drum beats and powerful lyrics with smooth vocal melodies”. This debut EP was released in 2009 and the band are looking to have a new album out sometime this year (2011).

Discovering a new band is something that can take a long time; I frequently scour the internet to find something fresh and exciting to listen to, but often this bears no fruit. Sometimes though I’ll find a band like ‘This Armistice’ and I’m instantly reminded of why I do this.

This EP has everything that I hold dear about music encased within 7 tracks (2 of which are instrumental interludes): excellent vocals, technically sound musicianship, dynamic song structures, impressive lyrical content, minimal production and an energy level that provokes excitement. Each track takes you on a journey through progressive song structures that never seem to go back on themselves, so even though the shortest track clocks in at 5:53, no single track seems too long or cumbersome.

The beautifully calm vocals come alive through intricate melodies that are woven around excellent displays of musicianship, all projected through raw production that does little to interfere with each composition. Too often good vocalists fail to spark because they seemingly forget that it’s not just the sound of your voice, but what you do with it that counts. Throughout this EP, the vocal melodies have been crafted to perfectly match the direction of the music in such a way that not only forces you to sing along, but also provokes an emotional response to the messages within the lyrics.

The production of the music can be a distraction on first listen because of its basic approach, but as you become more familiar with each song, you realise that the production perfectly compliments the raw honesty implicit in the music.

I could continue to type at length about how much I love this EP, but that sentiment hopefully already resonates in the précis above. What is much more compelling is the music itself, so do yourselves a favour and invest some time in this band. Fans of The Receiving End of Sirens, Circa Survive, early Saosin, Closure in Moscow or even Kaddisfly, should do so immediately.

This Armistice also recorded an acoustic version of the title track from this EP, which is a beautiful rendition of the song. You can hear that little gem here.

Score: 91%